Youth Programs

10andUnderSanta Rosa Rec & Parks is working closely with the United States Tennis Association/Northern California and Sonoma County Junior Tennis Association to offer a great variety of tennis programs for all ages and abilities. All tennis lessons are held at Galvin Park and are under the supervision of tennis pro Jason Beard.

Courts 9 & 10 are now designated Quick Start courts and can be used for adult and youth play.

To find out more about the youth programs offered by the City click here.

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The goal of USTA NorCal 10 and under programs is to give kids a foundation on which to build a lifelong passion for tennis.  USTA NorCal is committed to building tennis participation among youth in our communities, and the offerings are deisgned for kids at and and all levels.

What is 10 and Under Tennis?   10 and Under Tennis follows the same logic as other youth sports like baseball or soccer, which use kid-sized courts and kid-sized equipment. Kids learn to play baseball by first playing T-ball; they use shorter, lighter bats and larger, softer balls. Kids learning basketball shoot baskets with kid-sized balls on lowered backboards and they  play soccer on smaller fields with smaller goals.

Benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means kids will have more fun and less frustration. They're playing real tennis and having real fun—and that's what is most important.

To find out more about 10 and Under Tennis or other youth programs sponsored by USTA click here